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The SUN project
The Beck Corridor

Stream in woodland


The Beck Corridor

Corridors of green spaces contribute to the quality and attractiveness of the local environment, bringing recreational and health benefits. They also support wildlife or 'biodiversity', allowing species to move through and make the most of urban landscapes.

A 'green corridor', nicknamed 'The Beck Corridor', was chosen as part of the SUN Project to encourage thought about the value of the area for biodiversity as well as involve local people in doing their bit for wildlife or in enjoying the area. The 'corridor' runs from Beckenham Place Park to Spring Park and includes green spaces such as Kelsey Park, Cator Park, Harvington Estate and High Broom Wood, all falling within a stone's throw of 'The Beck' river.

A series of publications were produced as part of the Beck Corridor Project/Walking with Beetles intiative; these are listed below. Please click on the links to access relevant webpages on this website, where you will find further information and pdfs.

  Walking with Beetles…to School
A pack promoting the observation of wildlife whilst walking to and from school for 7-11 year olds.
Link to Young Peoples pages

  Walk Chart & Beck Corridor Game Sheet
Devised to encourage the recording of walking habits and to raise awareness of green spaces and stag beetles amongst young people.
Link to Young Peoples pages

  Walking with Beetles - A File of Educational Activities for KS1 to KS3
An educational resource that uses the Beck Corridor as a case study.

  Explore the Beck Corridor
A walk pack to promote the enjoyment and health benefits of a string of green spaces in Beckenham and West Wickham. Incorporating 8 walks, information on public transport in the area and the greenery you can see from their windows and advice on the health benefits of walking.

  Beck Corridor Audio Trail
A brief audio trail covering a round trip from Beckeham Junction Station to harvington Estate, via Kelsey Park, will be available from here soon, for young people to download onto their ipod, mp3 player or mobile phone. (For details ring 01689 862815)

  Bethlem Royal Hospital Nature Trails
Nature trails have been devised for staff, patients and authorised visitors of the hospital to encourage use and appreciation of the extensive grounds. The printed trails are available at the hospital museum, main reception and Jane Masters cafe.

Bethlem Walk 1Bethlem Walk 2

The Beck Corridor Project/Walking with Beetles intiative was funded by the London Borough of Bromley, Transport for London 5 Year Investment Programme and EU LIFE Environment Programme.


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